Black Friday: Shows the Worst Side of Humans

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What is going on in the world? Why are humans so consumer crazy????

Black Friday used to be a day of fun. A day when you could go great a great deal on a TV or a most treasured item.

Now, some North Americans consider it a day of “crazed mass consumption”. A day to throw logic and common courtesy out the window. A day to push and shove each other for a discounted toothbrush! Yes, a toothbrush!

People line up for hours to get $20 off an iphone or a deal on towels. Then when the doors open, they push each other and run to grab what they can before anyone else…. like it’s the LAST can of soup! And if they don’t get what they want, they will literally  take it from someone else’s hands, as if they were toddlers at a playground. Or worse, simply ignore the moans from people they’ve trampled beneath their feet to get to that plastic toy.

ap_black_fridayPeople have DIED on Black Friday from being stabbed, trampled upon or having a heart attack from the stress of it all. WHAT????

And the biggest irony of it all is that Black Friday falls on the Friday after Thanksgiving in the U.S. So after eating a big meal and being thankful for all they have, the next day, it’s a free for all and screw my fellow human beings! I need that plastic gizmo!!! I have 4 TVs, but I need another one!!!!

This out of control consumerism makes me sick. Not only is it deplorable human behaviour, but it’s also a huge WASTE issue on our planet. You know that the majority of the items those people fought for will be thrown in the trash within months. The most important aspect is to “WIN the Black Friday battle”.

So I ask… what exactly have you won? You’ve shown no self respect, taught horrific lessons to the youth, displayed the very worst human behaviour for items you don’t need….makes one sick to think of all of those poor people who are just trying to survive each day in the Philippines and people here in North America are literally fighting over Xboxes.

black-friday-customers-2012_129981252253953704What makes people so obsessed with having so much? I can’t understand this compulsion and I certainly don’t condone it. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE a great deal, but I would NEVER EVER stand in line for hours or push and shove others, let alone trample someone for a toy or pair of shoes!

I do enjoy deals and take advantage of them at home… online. That way I’m out of harm’s way and can enjoy shopping without feeling like I’m part of violent gladiator games at the The Roman Colosseum. 

I believe we all need to talk about this issue. We need to really look at what we consume, why we consume and do we REALLY need that much stuff? I’m reminded of comedian George Carlin’s famous rant about “Stuff”. Funny and thought provoking. 

wall eBut I’m also reminded of the film, Wall-E. If humans don’t watch it, our planet may end up just like the earth in Wall-E. Uninhabitable and full of trash and stuff!





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